Practice areas

The firm is characterized by the general practice of law. We stand out for our versatility and adaptability to the requirements of our clients to provide personalized services regarding the highest standards of the market to achieve the best comprehensive solutions.

We have extensive experience in litigation, advising and consulting in all branches of law, especially in civil law commercial law, real estate law, criminal law, administrative law and constitutional matters.

Civil Law

We offer a specialized service of accompaniment, advice and representation in family matters, succession, donations, obligations, contracts, and civil liability. The firm seeks the care and safeguarding through management and asset organization solutions.

We have extensive experience in representing and accompanying our clients in the most diverse civil and family processes to guarantee their rights and interests.

Real Estate

The firm has extensive experience in all procedures related to the real estate market and its development such as purchase and sale of buildings, condominiums, industrial plants, boundaries, subdivision, sanitation, and residential and commercial rentals.

We advise our clients for the acquisition, sale, rental or financing of real estate in the Dominican Republic, making sure that they are in order and in compliance with all the legal obligations of each particular property.

We provide specialized services for the development and the construction of the most diverse real estate projects in the country, which entails the acquisition, planning, obtaining of permits and legal accompaniment throughout the life of the projects.

Corporate and Business

We offer a wide range of services to ensure the success of your projects and businesses. We provide the necessary advice for the structuring of the most convenient corporate vehicles to the interests of each business, of each enterprise.

We accompany our clients in the processes of company incorporation, statutory amendments, preparation of meetings of partners, transfer of shares and social quotas, advice to the boards of directors and management, transformations, dissolutions, liquidation, restructuring or corporate reorganization, mergers, acquisitions, everything that is necessary in corporate matters.

In addition, the Peralta Bidó team provides consultancies and services in the most related areas of companies: commercial contracting, personnel management, collections, collective bargaining, and representation before the institutions that regulate commercial and labor activity.

Likewise, the firm assists in the constitution of fiduciary businesses for the realization of the commercial interests of the parties involved, providing the corresponding advice and representation for the execution and development of the business.

Peralta Bidó has experience in advising foreign investment before the competent institutions, as well as in the constitution and permanent accompaniment of free zones.

Litigation and dispute resolution

We jealously build the best defense of the rights and interests of our clients with high-profile attorneys who are always available to provide strategic solutions that meet the objectives set.

We seek to provide a personalized and comprehensive service that allows clients who are immersed in any jurisdictional or administrative conflict, feel confident that the solution will always be in their best benefit.

The firm advises with a clear tendency to prevent conflicts or to find effective and alternative solutions that avoid the wear and tear that litigation entails to the extent that they can safeguard the rights and interests of clients.

Peralta Bidó is distinguished by the implementation of strategies to mitigate risks and responsibilities that generate conflicts, as well as by its diligence and assertiveness when advancing and defending the actions of its clients, in pursuit of obtaining the greatest possible benefits and under the commitment that their rights and interests are guaranteed and observed in the processing and resolution of cases.

We have a vast experience in litigation of all ranges and complexities, concentrating on civil, commercial, administrative, and criminal matters, both from consulting and preliminary advice to representation in processes and trials, as well as in arbitration.

Public Law

We have a team specialized in administrative matters that accompanies its clients in all the procedures and relationships they may have with the Public Administration. The firm provides consulting and advisory services for obtaining the various permits, licenses and authorizations for the opening and development of commercial activities, as well as for effective participation in public procurement processes.

We offer consulting and advisory services for government entities and civil society institutions related to the adaptation and revision of regulations and public policies that promote improvements in public administration and strengthen democratic institutions.

The firm provides representation services in contentious administrative processes either through the preparation and preparation of appeals or writings that seek to safeguard and comply with the rights of its clients in their relations with the Public Administration.

In the regulatory framework, Peralta Bidó provides his accompaniment and advice on public services and banking law, both for admission to the regulated sector and also in the permanent defense of his rights before the regulatory bodies.

We represent its clients in the defense of their fundamental rights in the different procedures formally established as amparos, habeas corpus, habeas data, direct actions of unconstitutionality and constitutional review appeals before the Constitutional Court.

Criminal Law

Peralta Bidó’s team assumes the representation of the rights and interests of any of the parties to the criminal process, whether they are victims or accused of any punishable act. In its practice, the firm has experience in white collar crime, that is, in the defense and the search for justice in cases of fraud, breach of trust, paid and undone work, bottomless checks, identity theft, electronic fraud, among others; as well as in ordinary matters such as robberies, beatings and injuries, gender and domestic violence, defamation and insult.

We will structure criminal proceedings around the efficiency, effectiveness, and insistence of compliance with the principles and rules that condition the process in order to guarantee a fair trial for any of the parties we represent.

With our representation in this area, we provide security and confidence of the fulfillment of the purposes of the criminal process and the obtaining of fair decisions that satisfy the interest and rights of our clients.